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KSR (Rhodes)ARES boutique head 50w serial 003Italia

Amplificatore Chitarra - KSR-RHODES - Nero - 2016


25 ottobre 2017 - Italia - Trieste - ljubljana

Hi folks, Here i am selling a great KSR head model ARES 50w third made!! Serial 003:) Shipping worldwide - please contact me for shipping price to your country payment options: paypal,...

2000 €

Matamp Slave unit 100w ultra rare 1970-1975 Italia

Amplificatore Chitarra - matamp - Nero - 1970


25 ottobre 2017 - Italia - Trieste - ljubljana

Hi Folks, Here I am selling ultra rare early serial plexi Matamp Slave unit 100w transistor amp made in early 70s by Matamp It is almost all original only one kondezator was changed in 1982...

1000 €

Park / Marshall 1213 combo from 70s 100% origItalia

Amplificatore Chitarra - Park - 1213 2x12 combo - Nero - 70

Park 1213 2x12 combo

25 ottobre 2017 - Italia - Trieste - ljubljana

HI folks, Here I have a vintage guitar 2x12 combo Park 1213 model made in late 70s in Marshall factory. It is 100% in original condition like it just went from the shop :) Original Mullard...

2200 €

1969 Orange Matamp model 100, 99% originalItalia

Amplificatore Chitarra - orange matamp - Arancio - 1969

 orange matamp

25 ottobre 2017 - Italia - Trieste - ljubljana

Hi Folks, I just got reply from Matamp considering my question of the board and they told me that it was split in the past and we dont know what was the reason of that. Thats why i will lower...

3000 €

Mayones Duvell 6 QATSI Juice Burst John BrownItalia

Chitarra elettrica solid body - Mayones Duvell quatsy - Verde - Destrorsi - 6 Corde - 2017

 Mayones Duvell quatsy

25 ottobre 2017 - Italia - Trieste - ljubljana

Hi folks, I am selling this great beauty custom hand made guitar from Mayones John Brown (Monuments) signature in tribute to Justin Lowe of the band After The Burial Guitar is new and comes...

3000 €