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Guitare électrique solid body Vintech Tele VT109 Left-Handed à vendre

Kritz Vintech Tele VT109 Left-HandedBelgique

Guitare électrique solid body - Vintech Tele VT109 Left-Handed - Bois clair - Gaucher - 6 Cordes - 2019

08 septembre 2020 - Belgique - Flandre-Orientale - kruishoutem

Professional stage & studio guitar

A familiar vintage model with all the technical inventions developed by Kritz since 1976.

– The 4everneck

— Carbon reinforced neck.
— Uni-resonant neck.
— More extensive sound spectrum because the resonance frequency increases due to the stiffness of the neck.
— No dead spots in the neck due to the omission of the metal neck pin.
— Longer sustain.

– Sound Induction (S.I.)

— The vibrations in the carbon-reinforced neck are transmitted to the pickup via a fiber construction.

– Ultra light

— 2.2 kg / 4.85 lb

– Second Life

— Use of old types of wood from demolition.

– Smilefrets

— Makes taking Barré chords very easy.
— Easier string impression with barre chords.
— Very low action, frets are placed through a mold, all placed simultaneously and glued under pressure.

– Kritz Intonatie Compensatie (K.i.C)

— Intonation compensation with zero fret. — Also make open chords sound perfectly pure.

– Stretch-tuning:

— The bridge saddles (E-B-G) are adjusted slightly higher on the 12th fret.
— This compensation makes it possible to play flawlessly with acoustic instruments such as the piano.

– Blower Pickup

— Magnetized Alnico5 pole rods with a ceramic magnet rod in the back.
— A high number of coil turns (7000 T instead of 5000 T), resulting in a lower pickup resonance with a more dynamic sound.

– Heelless Neck-to-Body Joint

— No heel, no screws, no plates and a better sound transfer from the neck to the body.

– Compound radius

— 9″ to 14″, a combination with the advantages, easy chords on the lower neck part and non-buzzing upbends on the higher neck part.

Kritz guitars have become sought after collectors’ pieces because of their high technological quality. Guitar can be tested without obligation in our workshop by appointment. The pockets for the electronics and the pickguard are completely covered with copper. Necessary because of the many interferences by electronic devices. Warranty and after-sales service. There is a guarantee on work and parts. The guitar comes with all documents, a series of professional photos. Every guitar is also registered with us and documented with photos and with a serial number. Every Kritz has a unique, stamped-in and indelible serial number.

1279 €

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